Rebecca Lorenz

Rebecca Lorenz

Founder | [email protected]

I’ll never forget my first job in the mortgage industry; it was certainly serendipitous! It was 1999, I had recently graduated from Utah State University and moved to Santa Rosa, CA. I was desperate to find a job, so I scanned the newspaper for opportunities and decided on two possibilities: Red Lobster and a local Mortgage Company. Little did I know that the choice I made would ultimately help me realize my true calling in life.

During my 24-year career in the mortgage industry, I have worked for three companies that have touched my life personally and professionally, and I can never fully express my gratitude. Over the years, I learned nothing will get you further than loving what you do and honestly caring about those you serve. Someone once asked me why I do what I do and why I decided to work in this business. I answered that I genuinely love my job because I can be a source of calm in the storm for clients attempting to navigate the mortgage process, I can help create wealth through real estate to change lives for generations, I can help those in our industry reach their professional goals, and I can make a significant difference in people’s lives.

Using my experience and building on my love of this career path, my husband and I began working together as an origination team, enjoyed growing our family, and increased our production for years. While working as a top producing team, I yearned for balance in life—a way to maintain our relationships while showing up as the best version of myself each day. I couldn’t keep focusing on “surviving” this industry, being spread so thin there was no time left for family; I wanted to thrive at work and at home.

I quickly learned this balance wasn’t something that would just magically happen; I had to make it my purpose and create it for myself. The truth is, there are no easy roads, no series of quick steps, no shortcuts; it is all hard work, long nights, overcoming challenges, dedication to the end goal, and designing an intentional plan for success. Not only did I significantly increase my production, I was working more efficiently, connecting even more closely with clients and, best of all, I made the time to be the wife and mother my family deserved.

Through countless hours of working with Industry peers, I discovered a true passion for coaching and training. Part of my fulfillment comes from helping others recognize their own potential, and I have poured my heart into helping originators and mortgage professionals see their true potential. As a result, I have had the opportunity to speak with, coach, train, and teach thousands of originators.

Through diligence, dedication, and working with intention, I have finally achieved my dream of work-family balance, and I want to continue to share what I’ve learned over the years with others in the industry. I want each of us to have abundance in our lives and not just “survive”. Not only do I have the time to spend with my husband and children, but I can also sit on my back deck and gaze at the mountains along the Front Range, knowing that I am the best version of myself, I’m authentically living my “Why” every day, and I’m exactly where I want to be!

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