Consider a retreat an investment in both your business and, most importantly, in the real people behind the numbers

About Custom Retreats

Company retreats can sometimes be viewed as unnecessary expenses, particularly in the face of an often uncertain industry landscape. But, if you truly want your business and your team to thrive, a retreat can be just the right tool to get you there. Consider a retreat an investment in both your business and, most importantly, in the real people behind the numbers: the team that drives you toward success. Retreats can foster creativity, generate innovative ideas, improve communication, offer learning opportunities from peers, improve performance and increase productivity, and empower your team to be a force of change, ready to implement key initiatives crucial to advancing your business to the next level.

In a relaxed setting, our retreats encourage camaraderie and collaboration, boost team morale, unify attendees’ understanding of the overall vision of your business, provide insight to the importance of working with intention, offer an opportunity for you to acknowledge team members’ valuable contributions to the business, and allow you to recognize the importance of their personal well-being and regard for fostering an environment that prioritizes them as people, not just gears in a machine.

Customizing Your Retreat

An Infinite Success Strategies custom retreat includes:

Three to four pre-planning sessions to help us understand your overall vision, desired goals and outcomes, and the length and focus of your two- or three-day event

Customized Agenda and Focused Content for the Retreat

Gift for Each Attendee

Coaching Call with each Attendee

Survey of All Attendees

Post-Event Debriefing Report and Follow-Up

The first step in planning your retreat starts with you! By identifying specific objectives unique to your business, we can customize a retreat from beginning to end that focuses on working toward common goals. Infinite Success Strategies can customize a retreat built just for you and, depending upon your specific needs, can include topics like:

  • identifying the shared vision of the company and fostering a mindset for success;
  • developing a competitive advantage by examining the habits of top producers;
  • sharing best practices in a collaborative environment, helping participants gain clarity and set targeted goals in a high-pressure industry;
  • reading current trends in regional/national mortgage markets, updates on regulatory guidelines, and mortgage forecasts;
  • sharing strategic planning tactics and ways to accommodate shifts in loan volume in order to maintain an increase in origination production;
  • networking with industry peers to foster new connections, to learn new perspectives, and to build a skill set geared toward high production.
  • motivating participants to successfully achieve work/life balance while still increasing production;
  • focusing on meeting the unique needs of every client and the value of customer follow-through;
  • …and many, many more!

Some pre-planning questions might include:

Is this a themed retreat? For example, we have planned retreats focused around:

    • Executives
    • Management Level Professionals or Team Leaders
    • New Originators
    • Women in the Industry
    • “Train the Trainers”
    • Top Producer Trips
    • Educational Panels
    • Resources and Referrals to Reach Business Goals
    • Networking Opportunities with Other Industry Professionals


Next, what are your expectations when it comes to location and activities?

    • Venue: Are you looking for a stress-reducing outdoor environment like the mountains or a high-energy vibe of a city?
    • Accommodations: Will attendees need hotel accommodations, an Airbnb, cabins, blocks of hotel rooms, conference rooms, etc.? Are attendees expected to book their own accommodations?
    • Dining: Will there be any breakfast provided? Coffee stations? Lunches and dinners? A closing/keynote dinner? Or are attendees expected to provide their own meals?


How would you like your event/days structured?

    • Will there be a meet and greet the evening before the event begins and the night attendees arrive?
    • Will there be scheduled sessions with breaks in between or an all-day/one room event with intermission-style breaks?
    • Would you like us to provide our expert presenters/materials or would you like custom topics addressed? Group exercises and ice breakers? Team building activities? Hands-on workshops? 

Next, leave it to us as we customize this investment in your business with an experience designed around your specific goals and the unique needs of your team members!

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