Borrower Experience

Put yourself into the shoes of your Borrower… They are purchasing their first home and are filled with excitement! You have put the right cards in place for everything to align perfectly and your paths cross through a referral. Now is your time to shine!

You received the email alert that your borrower has gone online and excitement fills your heart! Okay, maybe that is over zealous but in todays market its probably not far off!

Pause here…

Do you jump into your checklist of actions to ensure they are prequalified, DU states they can buy this home and then start pricing and second guessing if they are talking to other lenders? Do you gather up all your paperwork and bombard them with emails? Hoping to be so fast in your response time that they don’t have time to talk with anyone else?

Or, do you take a deep breath and pick up the phone?

Do you make this conversation all about your borrowers and their needs? Do you pick up on their WHY during your first call? Do you have some key questions you always ask? Questions that not only give you a peek behind the curtain on what their motivators are for the move, but perhaps into all the ways you can enhance your communication process to serve them they way they need to be served?

What are the key questions your ask to ensure a seamless start? Here are a few to get you started until you can create your own:

  • Where are you at in the Home Buying Process?
  • What’s most important to you about this move?
  • How would you prefer we communicate? May I call you once a week to check in?
  • When do you need to be into your new home by?
  • How long do you plan to stay in the home?


During this call listen to what they don’t say, what did you pick up about their personality? What about which spouse wants to lead the communication? Learning Modalities?

You got this and are on your way to creating an incredible borrower experience!

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