Infinite Referrals

I’ve noticed over the years within the Mortgage and Real Estate Industries that there is this chase to “get” the most referrals. Almost as if you have to run faster and get “it” first so nobody else can get it. Its is a frenzied approach, a scarcity approach to keeping your business alive. To me it explains the exhaustion that so many in our industry feel.

I believe there is an easier way, a strategic way to grow your relationships so that you can grow your business intentionally. At the heart of what all Loan Originators do is manage relationships. Relationships within their sphere, their database, their referral partners, etc… Referrals are earned through what Bob Burg calls, The Law of Value. Burg states in his Law of Value, “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment”. Are you offering enough value to those that refer you?

Infinite Referrals is a belief that when you create relationships and systems that pour value into others, your business will thrive as a result. So, what is value? Well, what would be valuable to your borrowers? Perhaps education, seminars, monthly tidbits as a homeowner, learning to invest in real estate? The list is endless and for you to decide! Have fun with it! What is of value to your referral partners? Probably some of the same in terms of education on loan programs, structuring of financing, etc… but also how to become a better business owner and create their own infinite referrals!

This is where it becomes fun! What if you had a strategy in place that earned you the referrals you have always wanted? Then what if you could recreate that system to help your strategic partners thrive too? Its possible and you have just started on the path to discovering your own, Infinite Referrals!

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