Create Habits for Success

Let’s start by calling it what it is, behavior modification! Change can be tough if you don’t know the key steps to making lasting change. Many of us know WHAT we need to do but we succumb to over thinking, second guessing or dismissing what we NEED to do for what we WANT to do, or for immediate gratification.

Whether it’s the desire to lose weight but you allow for an evening on the couch or out with friends instead of the workout you had planned. OR, perhaps it is the habits you know would help grow your business and you deem it important enough to put on your calendar only to dismiss the email reminder day in and day out.

Here are a few steps to implement lasting change:

  1. Identify the Habits your want to bring into your life
  2. Acknowledge the benefits this change will bring
  3. Determine the time that best aligns with your current schedule for new habit
  4. Plan the details around your new habit
    • How do you get started with the habit?
    • How long will you focus on the habit?
    • Goals you want to accomplish during this time?

  5. You should be able to answer:
    • WHO will do the habit? You along or are others involved?
    • WHAT needs completed?
    • WHEN will you do the habit?
    • WHERE will the habit be completed?
    • WHY are you doing this habit, WHY is it important?
    • HOW will you measure success?

Once you walk through the details to completion, remember that starting a new habit can come down to the clarity around the habit and the mindset it takes to commit to change. Making the new habit non-negotiable to yourself and having clarity around why its important and what it brings you when completed is priceless!


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